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Albury war memorial

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    We are not a registered club and do not have catering or bar facilities.

    If you require these facilities please contact:-

  The SS&A Club Albury or The Commercial Club Albury

City of Albury RSL Sub-Branch


527 Wilson Street Albury             Ph 02 6021 1341

Serving the veteran and service community of Albury and district

Patron   The Hon Sussan Ley MP



City of Albury RSL sub-branch president's report

 for the annual general meeting

 held at ANZAC house on Sunday the 15"" of march 2020.

   It is with much pleasure that I provide the president's report for the past year. A year that has seen many changes within the sub-branch, not only to the make-up of the committee, but more importantly with the continuation of further improvements to ANZAC house. This has included the replacement of the front and side windows, two new paths, a lawn locker and cleaners locker, and a new BBQ and several other outdoor improvements.

   The next project is to place the stand alone plaques recovered from the war memorial into the memorial garden outside. To date we have received a grant of $5,000 from the commercial club towards this project.

   I remember when I first was elected president some seven years ago, I inherited a building that was unsafe, did not comply with the building code of Australia, a leaking roof, rusted gutters, asbestos, trip hazards, rotting floors and a kitchen that was certainly not up the health standards.

   You, the members have come along with me on the journey to remedy these issues and I thank you for your support and trust that we were moving in the right direction and in the best interests of the sub-branch.

   We have been successful in obtaining grants at the federal, state and local clubs levels to bring ANZAC house up to the standard that you now enjoy. I am proud of just what we together have achieved and I again thank you.

   I might point out that this has amounted to over two hundred thousand dollars in grants with very little coming from sub-branch savings, we are in a very healthy position I am pleased to say.

   The make-up of the executive committee has been vital to the continued successful operation of the sub-branch. Your executive has carried out their duties with distinction and pride across all areas of the operation of the sub-branch. I acknowledge that we are not perfect. If a matter has been over looked for some reason, we have made every effort to correct it.

   We have been successful in championing the $1.35om project to refurbish the Albury war memorial. This is going to be an outstanding result not only for the veteran community but from a tourist perspective. The ground works will be completed for ANZAC day, however, the replacement of new plaques and the manufacture of new ones and the new description plaques have now been held up with the closure of the manufacturing plant and shipping out of china because of the corona virus. It is hoped that delivery will take place in July with an unveiling in August.

   The next project for the community is an upgrade of the world war two bowl with an expression of interest currently underway for the development of a master plan. At this time council is working towards the new budget for the next five years. At this point in time we have $200,000 earmarked. More to follow on this over the next couple of months as the budget is approved.

   Throughout the year I have been the guest speaker on several occasions, and have been invited to attend many others. Being your president is a privilege I very much enjoy.

   As an important part of the operation of the sub branch we have conducted many RSL tributes at funerals when requested to do so by families. This has often included attending funerals of Non-sub-branch members. Occasionally a family may for whatever reason not want an RSL tribute and that is their choice. Harry has been a great support with the funerals. On this point, we need additional members to help, come and talk the Harry or myself please.

   ANZAC day 2019 was very well attended.

   ANZAC day along with remembrance day is the bread and butter of what we as a sub-branch do for the community. These undertakings take a lot of time and effort and your committee would appreciate more support from members. Please contact the secretary about assisting with ANZAC day.

   The RSL state congress was again held in Albury for the final time after a run of three years. The next congress will be held in Newcastle in October. The major outcome of the congress was that we now have a new constitution to work with finally.

   The far south western district council meets twice a year now in Wagga Wagga and on each occasion the sub-branch is represented and submits a report and is active in the discussions.

  In 2013 we conducted our first remembrance day service in St Matthew's church due to the wet weather. This proved to be a most fitting venue and was overwhelmingly applauded by those attending. No complaint was heard. The sub-branch meeting on the 19th of January 2014 approved the motion that the annual remembrance day service will continue to be held in St Matthew's each year.

   I continue to ask the membership for your assistance with a number of projects across the operation of the sub-branch. We need support from members that are retired or working part-time to assist with the front desk. Without your support we cannot continue to function.

   I remain most grateful for the support freely provided by the committee and also the ladies that readily assist in the kitchen. Too few are doing too much, so please put your hand up and get involved, it is your sub-branch.

   I would like to introduce a monthly morning movie with morning tea at 9.30, movie at 10. If you would be interested please let the secretary know. And if you are prepared to assist please do so.

   I will also follow-up with DVA in relation to running some cooking courses and open arms for other courses to be held in ANZAC house.

   Breaking news, all monies raised during the ANZAC sales will remain in Albury.

   Shortly i will declare all positions on the executive vacant and invite Alan Hutchings a previous state councilor, sub-branch president and district council president to be the returning officer for the election of your new executive, being president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. As required by the constitution.

Thank you.


15th of March 2020.



  Your sub-Branch Executive continues to act ethically and without fear or favour. I continue to have total faith and trust in your Executive and the membership. We have a responsibility and a duty to our members to remain positive and proactive. We are continuing to assist several homeless veterans with the short term provision of accommodation and food.

  When I look back over the past twelve months we have again been successful on several occasions in securing grants that have allowed us to continue the program of maintaining and upgrading ANZAC House for the benefit of both our members and the community groups that use ANZAC House for meetings and training.

  The last project saw the replacement of the two front windows which increased both the look and the security of ANZAC House. Thank you to both the Commercial Club and the SS&A for their support.

  Veterans Health Week was held with a social lawn bowls day at the Lavington Bowling Club on Friday the 1st of November. Attendance was poor so we really need to consider our continued participation.

  Nursing Home visits have continued in line with our aging membership as do RSL requested funerals. We receive a lot of requests for funerals from families of members that were not members of the RSL. Let me again thank Peter Jansen and Harry Hacking for their commitment and hard work with regards welfare and visits throughout the year. Harry does a lot of the work with regards funerals.

  The sub-Branch continues to be active with continued improvements to the Albury War Memorial and is working closely with the Albury City with work already under way for completion by ANZAC Day 2020. The cost of this project is $1.350 million. I have been heavily involved over the past couple of months with researching and the drafting of new plaques and interpretative panels for the project. The next major project is to plan for an upgrade of the World War Two Bowl on the Eastern Side of Monument Hill.

  Planning is well under way for ANZAC Day with final work at the War Memorial being completed.

  In November 2021 the National Vietnam Conference/reunion will be held in Albury over the week of Remembrance Day. Your sub-Branch will be involved.

  My final point concerns the membership of the sub-Branch and the aging of our members. I ask you to seek out new members and volunteers. Please speak with the Secretary Mark Lunnon as to how you can assist.

  With the AGM being held in March it is now time to think about nominations for the Executive Committee as the present committee’s three year terms are up. Where are all these younger members???

  I intend to renominate as your President as there are still a number of new ideas and projects that I see as necessary and I need a strong and hardworking Executive working with me. If you cannot put in the time and commitment please do not nominate.

 On a final point, the Hyde Park Inn in Elizabeth Street Sydney is half price for sub-Branch members including Affiliates. Beth and I stay there on many occasions when we are in Sydney.

  Do not forget to attend the AGM..

  Best wishes to you all.


 February 2020